Why Choosing Your Destination Is The Most Important Step In Your Business


Imagine you are going on a trip overseas, and you are meeting someone at a specific place at a specific time.  You will need to plan your trip.  The first part of the plan is knowing where you have to be and at what time.  That is, what is your destination?  Once you have decided where you are going, you can then start planning  on how to get from where you are now, to your destination.  So the first thing you need to know is where you are going, and where you need to be, at a particular date and time.  Once that decision has been made, you can then plan your day, week or month to ensure you get there at the allotted time.  The same is true for your business.  Choosing your destination is the most important step in your business.  When you think about it, you are where you are right now because of the direction you have chosen.  Most of us make these decisions without really being conscious of the process.

When you were at school you may have decided to follow a particular path in your education with a view to working in a particular field. But many don’t. They go through the education process as part of the system, then leave to find a job, and in some cases, a job for life. And that’s okay if that’s the way you want it to be. But if you are going into business, or perhaps have “fallen” into a business, you can improve things greatly by having a plan. And the first step of that plan is to decide where your business is going. In so many cases, the “plan” is to work hard, to make some money to live on, or get by. If that’s the case, you are just self-employed in your own business, that is, your business is your job. If you take time out to set down and really think about where you want your business to go, you can then start your business plan. You destination is part of your vision for your business.

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Now you may be thinking that creating a business plan requires a degree or certainly a lot of training and studying to learn all the business concepts in order to write a business plan.  But that’s not true.  A business plan can be simple and you can start by writing answers to the following questions:

  1.  What is the purpose of your business?  A one line description is all that is needed. (eg. to be the best bicycle repair shop in my region)
  2. How are you going to achieve your purpose? (eg. I will always ensure the quality of my work is of the highest standard)
  3. How much money do you need to operate? Weekly – Monthly – Annually
  4. How much money do you expect to receive from the operations of your business. Weekly – Monthly – Annually
  5. What is your action plan for success?  – Where are you going to be located. What tools , equipment do you need.
  6. Who is your typical customer, and where are you likely to find them?
  7. How are you going to attract customers? Advertising, local media, social media, word of mouth, sponsorships etc.
  8. What attributes and qualities do you have that will make you achieve success. (eg. strong work ethic, focused, dedicated, fully qualified etc.)
  9. What is your long-term vision? What will your business look like in one year, five years, even ten years time.
  10. Who do you need to help you succeed. (eg. a good accountant, lawyer, book-keeper, assistant etc.)

If you have never written a business plan before, this will be a good start.  As you get used to the process you can build on it. A word of warning – you need to write your plan yourself so it is clear in your mind.  You can then use one of the templates that abound on the internet.  But many of them just require you to “fill in the blanks” and then produce a form-like document. This may give you a written document called a business plan, but it may not necessarily be your plan.

If you do want to go down the path of using a template system then I would suggest you visit this site: