How to Gain a Slim Body

In making life’s decisions, it is often our self speech that determines out actions, and our habits.  So many times I hear people saying things like “I want to lose weight”  – and they never do. Is it possible to change that little phrase in a way that will make it more powerful?  Saying “I have a slim body” is likely to produce a better result, and here’s why:

Gain a slim body rather than lose weightVirtually every decision we make, and the actions we take, either comes from moving away from pain, or moving towards gain. So using the word “lose” could mean that subconsciously you are already setting yourself up to fail.  The word “lose” indicates loss, which is painful.  And since we are conditioned to move away from pain you could be sabotaging yourself because your subconscious is in conflict with your conscious thinking. Your conscious mind knows that losing weight may be a good thing, but your subconscious is saying that loss is a painful thing.

The subconscious mind recognises the verb or action word in your speech.   Have you ever said to someone “Don’t forget the milk”?  What happens?   They forget the milk. Because the word “don’t” does not register and the action word is “forget”, therefore the likelihood is that they will forget.   A better way of saying the same thing would be “remember to get the milk” as the action word is “remember”, and that is the action that you want.   So focus on the action you want, rather than the action you don’t want.  In referring to the weight issue, if your self speech is “I am gaining a slim and fit body” rather than “I want to lose weight”, your daily decisions are more likely to carry out the actions that will lead to a slim and fit body.

Focus on the Activity Rather than the Result

John D. Rockerfeller, the famous millionaire of the early twentieth century, once said “If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.”  So if you are constantly weighing yourself and focusing on the end result, rather than the activity, you will never achieve the desired result.  Throw away the scales and chose a different measurement other than weight.  Focus on the activity that will lead to the desired result and you will notice a difference within yourself, your energy levels, the comments from family and friends, and the sizes of the clothes you buy.   Focus on what you are gaining, what a healthy lifestyle you are living.  Think about this. You want to lose weight and get frustrated and angry when you gain weight.   So in this context, gaining something is a negative because you do not want to gain weight.   Again, think of the conflict. You want to lose something, and you don’t want to gain something.   So confusion sets in, losing is a loss, and gaining (weight) is a loss. Far easier to just give up.

In the book Driven: How Human Nature Shapes our Choices by Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria, the authors describe the four drivers that affect our choices in all areas of our lives.   These drivers are in our DNA and have been since mankind first walked on this planet.   The four drivers are: to bond, to learn, to defend and to acquire.  So if one of the strongest and most basic drivers of human nature is to acquire, focusing on what you want to gain, or acquire, is more likely to lead to success.  That is why setting goals for what you want is so powerful.   You are working in harmony with a basic, inbuilt instinct.   In business and in your life, determining what it is that you want, specifically, is essential to achieving your goals.

It all sounds so easy.  Just say a few things differently and your life will change.  Right?  Well not immediately.   It will take practice and time.  Your self speech needs to become a habit, and habit take practice.   That is why affirmations can be very powerful, if they are repeated on a regular basis, at least twice a day.  It takes at least thirty days of consistent action to form or change a habit.  So look forward to taking the actions that you want by saying the things you want.  Leave words like “don’t”, “not”, “non” or any negative connotation out of your affirmations.  State your affirmation as though the conditions exists right now, telling yourself subconsciously that this is what you do.

I have used weight as an issue in this article but the process will fit almost any condition that you want to change or acquire.  It is important in business to maintain your focus and work towards your goals.  Clearly defining your goals then consistently reinforcing your actions to achieve your goals will result in success.

Some suggestions:

Affirmation                                  Use Instead

I am a non-smoker                  I only have healthy habits.
I want to lose weight.               I am gaining a slim body; I only eat healthy foods.
I don’t smoke.                          I only take what is good for me.
I don’t want to be poor.            I am wealthy.


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