How a Little Dog Inspired Her Owner

Or, What is Your Rabbit?

Here is a little story about how a little dog inspired her owner. Rosie is a little Jack Russell Terrier. At an early age Rosie lived on a farm where she loved rounding up, and then scattering the goats and the cattle. Full of energy, she was always up to something. She would spend hours at the woodpile in the yard, sniffing out almost anything that moved, from lizards to mice to snakes. It always worried me when she found a deadly Australian Eastern brown snake. It would not take long for the venom of this dangerous snake to despatch little Rosie to the doggy afterlife. The fact she is still here is only due to her amazingly quick reactions and her innate sense How a little dog inspired her not get too close.

There were times that Rosie would disappear down wild rabbit burrows, yelping and barking, scaring the life out of her prey. One particular day she found a rabbit burrow amidst a rocky outcrop. Now I couldn’t see how deep or long the burrow was, but judging by the distant sound of her barking way down in the burrow, it was pretty deep. It was early afternoon when she went down and I did not stay around for long, I had other things to do.

Later that afternoon she had not appeared and I went back to the burrow to see if she was still there. Sure enough I could still hear her barking, and it sounded a long way away. There was absolutely no possible way of rescuing her if she was trapped, because of the huge boulders and rock formations over the burrow. It started getting dark and despite my constant calling, she did not appear. I went back to the house to have my dinner thinking that it wouldn’t be long before she appeared for hers. There was still no sign of her after I had finished eating. So grabbing a torch I went back to the burrow expecting to hear nothing except possibly whimpering as her breath finally failed.

But, no, the sound of her barking was still there. So I called and called expecting my loyal little dog to give up the chase and come to me. All to no avail. Then it struck me that she was not barking at the rabbit anymore, but that she was stuck and calling me to help her. I felt totally useless. There was nothing I could do. There was no possibility of digging her out or finding anyway of helping her out. I could only sit by the entrance and talk to her. Call her to come out.

Saying Goodbye to a Little Dog

She had been down that burrow for over eight hours now, and she was still barking. It was dark and I was tired, and she was still barking. I was resigned to losing her, thinking in one way what a terrible way for her to go. Yet in another she was doing what she always loved to do. I couldn’t leave her, but I also needed sleep. I was thinking of giving up and going to bed, although sleep was unlikely. As these thoughts were going through my head, the barking stopped. There was no sound. It was all over.

Then I put my head close to the entrance of the burrow, maybe to say goodbye to Rosie. But there was a sound. A new sound. More of a grunting and a scuffling. And it started getting louder. I shone my torch into the burrow but could see nothing. I waited for what seemed like hours, when suddenly a little brown and white rump appeared. And there was Rosie backing out of the burrow with a full-grown rabbit in her jaws. She backed right out, dropped the dead rabbit at my feet and looked up at me. Honestly, if dogs could speak it would not have been necessary. Her look said it all. She was covered in dirt, her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth, panting hard, but her expression was one of absolute triumph. I felt guilty for ever doubting her, but so happy to see this little champion wagging her little tail as she looked up at me. She did not eat the rabbit, she never did. It was the chase that was important to her.

What Did I Learn?

How  a little dog named Rosie inspired her owner.Now I don’t know if Rosie had any doubts about her ability to catch that rabbit. If she did, she never showed any signs of it. Her persistence, tenacity, and absolute focus on what she was after delivered her the prize. The game was won. And so it is with life, and in business. Determine precisely what it is you want and work diligently towards it. Ignore the people who try to distract you from your goal, remain focused and apply the same persistence as a little Jack Russell called Rosie. Don’t think of negative, consequences. Focus on the result.

What is your Rabbit? What inspires you to catch your prize? What story do you have that you can use for your own inspiration?

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  1. Meryl Snyman

    What a dog…. loved the story. Good message to inspire one, to be positive, to persevere and be determined to succeed and reach your goal.

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