How To be Positive In Business

It may seem difficult in tough times, with the pressure on smaller businesses to compete with online companies, lower production costs from other countries and a constantly changing market.  So, how to be positive in business?

In a competitve world, running a business is far more demanding than it ever has been.  Not only has competition increased due to easy access to global markets, with increased price competition, but the online economy is growing everyday.  The once local business is now competing with not only other businesses in the region, but across the country, and across the world. With all the bad news about economies around the world, how do you remain positive in business?

So how does the business owner of today remain positive and continue to work to achieve their dreams and their goals.  Certainly inspirational quotes can assist, but tend to be short term and require constant reminding, and without some substance can be ineffective.  That is if you rely on the motivational quote on it’s own to bring you out of the doldrums.  The true power of inpirational and motivational quotes is to change the thinking, to think in positive ways, to think of positive outcomes that propel the action to be taken to produce the desired result.

The power of positive thinking is not in occassional thought, not just looking at the bright side of events, but making it a habit to think positively. The saying “there are two sides to every story” is absolutely true.  It is your choice to look at events or situations in a positive or negative light. Many people I’ve spoken to would say that they are a realist, not an “opitimist” that to some has the conotations of  being unrealistic.  However reality is in large part a perception. Two people looking at the same object, situation or event would describe it differently depending on their perception. Positive thinking therefore is to look upon situations from a positive angle, based on habit, and look through the clutter of the negative vibes being portrayed.

So how to be positive?  It takes practice.  Constantly working  on your positve thinking by reading motivational books, books on ideas, not only on ways of doing things, but ways to think.  Surround yourself with positive thinkers.  Be aware of dream stealers.  Dream stealers are those who do not support you in yourdreams and question your ability, your direction or your purpose.  Dream stealers can be in your family, network of friends or co-workers.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting for one moment that you change the people who are in your life.  But make it a concious effort to seek out those who will and do support your dreams, and share your dreams with them.

Where Do You Find Positive People?

Reading this means you are already tapping into the greatest resource of all time.  The internet is full of positive minded people that either sell or giveaway products for free. In order to “surround” yourself with positive people, you do not need to physically find these people. But you can read their books, watch their videos or listen to their CD’s or MP3 recordings.  As the great Jim Rohn once said “work harder on yourself than you do on your business”.  As you grow in your knowledge beliefs and attitudes, your business will grow. Check out the Resources page for products and links to motivational, inspirational and positive monded people.

Jim Rohn shows how to be positive in business and in life!