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Inspirational and motivational quotes are an essential component in forming the mind of the entrepreneur.  They can give that boost in the morning before starting work, and during the day when things are not going as well as you hoped they would.  Being positive in business needs a positive outlook.  By viewing inspirational and motivational quotes on a regular basis, you are supporting your affirmations on the journey to your success.  The images have been set up to allow you to print any favorites you may have, or to refer to from time to time.

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 Inspirational and Motivational Videos

Success is achieved by constantly feeding the mind with thoughts of success.  Reading, viewing and listening to inspirational and motivational material increases creativity and the thought processes that ultimately lead to your goals. Viewing inspirational videos, even once a week, will help to stimulate the  entrepreneurial spirit that every business leader needs.

 Steve Jobs Speech 

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Business Motivational Video “Dreams”

Business Motivation

I Am Grateful to Be Alive

 More Success Quotes

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This page is being updated on a regular basis, and a lot more inspirational and motivational quotes on business and success will be included.

What’s your favorite quote?


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