Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy Business Leaders

One of the most prolific authors and motivational speakers, and producer of personal development products, Brian Tracy,  has spent a lifetime in helping individuals and organisations achieve their goals.  He has consulted for over a thousand organisations and hundreds of thousands of people have attended his seminars.  His books and audio training courses have been translated into dozens of different languages.

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 Jim Rohn


Jim Rohn was one of the most influential motivators of all time. His seminars and recordings of his motivational speeches have helped many thousands of people around the world. Although Jim has passed away, his legacy remains and his material is highly recommended to those seeking to improve their lives and lead to a more successful future.

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Dr. Wayne Dyer

dr wayne dyer business leaders

Dr. Wayne Dyer holds a doctorate in educational counselling and is the author of over thirty books. He has also made many video and audio products and is an internationally renowned motivational speaker.  His appearance on many television and radio shows has made him one of the most recognised motivational speakers and he has influenced thousands of business leaders.

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Ken Blanchard


Ken Blanchard is a prolific author having written many books on management in business.  Probably his best known, and an international best seller is The One Minute Manager which he co-authored with Spencer Johnson.  For over twenty years, managers and business leaders have read, and taken on the techniques of productivity improvement, team management and personal prosperity explained in this short book.

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Jack Canfield

jack canfield motivational speaker and business leaders

Jack Canfield is the famous originator of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive: 101 Inspirational Stories about Counting Your Blessings and Having a Positive Attitude, and the series that contain inspirational works.  With over 123 million books sold in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack Canfield is one the most influential business leaders in building success transformations for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, educators and sales professionals.

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Richard Branson

richard-branson business-leaders

Richard Branson founder of the Virgin Group, is one of the highest high profile business leaders in the world.  His famous adventures in business and in life have made him an icon to a lot of people, and not just business people.  He has set many world records outside of his business, including the first hot air balloon flight across the Atlantic, and he was in the first hot air balloon to cross the Pacific from Japan to Artic Canada.

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 Tony Robbins


Recognised as one of the leaders amongst motivational speakers, Tony Robbins is the master of personal development.  He has guided thousands around the world with strategies to improve self-esteem, self confidence and personal power.  Tony has coached some of the greatest sports athletes, politicians and business leaders, and has been honoured for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavours.

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 Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber Author business leaders

One of the most influential writers on small business, Michael Gerber has influenced millions of people around the world. His book The E-Myth and the revised edition The E-myth Revisited has helped tens of thousands of businesses to grow.  His passion and genius for understanding the workings of small business and the mindset of the small business owner and business leaders has transformed an industry.

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 Louise Hay

louise hay business leaders and motivational speaker

Louise Hay is famous in many countries for her self help seminars, books and and programs.  Focusing on the mind to help heal the body, Louise has built an amazing list of followers.  Using her traumatic childhood and later her experiences through a marriage break-up and being diagnosed with cancer, Loiuse Hay wrote her first book “Heal Your Body” which later grew in content and she wrote a new book “You Can Heal Your Life” which became an international best seller with over fifty million copies sold.

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Darren Hardy

darren hardy business leaders

Darren Hardy was raised by a strict disciplinarian father who instilled a strong work ethic within him. At a young age he was successful by any measure and has grown his personal fortune to a substantial size. He has been one of the most recognised motivational speaker for over twenty years, speaking to audiences all over the world.

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Brendon Burchard


Brendon Burchard changed his life following a severe car accident, that made him consider the purpose of his life. He is now one of the leading motivational speakers and personal development trainers in the world. Author of many self help books, he has a huge following on social media and has appeared on many television shows.

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