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Louise Hay is famous in many countries for her self help seminars, books and and programs.  Focusing on the mind to help heal the body, Louise has built an amazing list of followers.  Using her traumatic childhood and later her experiences through a marriage break-up and being diagnosed with cancer, Loiuse Hay wrote her first book “Heal Your Body” which later grew in content and she wrote a new book “You Can Heal Your Life” which became an international best seller with over fifty million copies sold.
Louise Hay

Louise Hay Founder of Hay House

Her healing techniques and positive philosophies have helped millions of people worldwide to create what they want in their lives. Her belief in the power of positive thinking in the healing process of physical ailments, follows through to the creation of a better life in general. Following the break up of her marriage, Louise attended the Church of Religious Science and trained in the ministerial program.  The lessons taught her the power of thought in altering and improving the physical condition. During this period she addressed the congregation on a regular basis where she became a popular speaker. Due to her popularity, she started a counselling service, guiding her clients on using the power of the mind to help reverse the effects of their physical ailments.

In 1977 she was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer. She believed that holding on to the resentment of her traumatic childhood, including rape and abuse, had brought about the condition. Using the techniques she had learned with affirmations, visualization, nutritional cleansing and psychotherapy, and rejecting conventional medicine, she healed herself of cancer. Her belief in the metaphysical properties of healing, reinforced through her own experience, led her to start a support group for men suffering aids in 1985.  This now famous group called “The Hayride” grew to over eight hundred by 1988.  The experiences through these programs led to her another book The AIDS Book: Creating a Positive Approach.

Louise Hay formed Hay House, a publishing company that includes famous authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Joan Borysenko.  This company that started off in the living room, has grown to a large organisation selling millions of books and recordings worldwide.  The Hay Foundation, another Louise Hay creation, is a non profit organisation that provides support, counselling, shelter, food and money to sufferers of AIDS, battered women and others in crises. One of the most influential and inspirational women of our time, Louis Hay has had an enormous impact on her audiences, through live seminars, recordings and books.

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Quotes by Louise Hay

“When our inner vision opens, our horizons expand.”

“All the theories in the world are useless unless there is action, positive change, and finally, healing.”

“If you can’t get close to other people, it is because you don’t know how to be close to your own inner child. The child in you is scared and hurting. Be there for your child.”

“When we forgive and let go, not only does a huge weight drop off your shoulders, but the doorway to your own self-love opens.”

“We are far more than our bodies and personalities. The inner spirit is always beautiful and lovable, no matter how our outer appearances may change.”

“Be willing to take the first step, no matter how small it is. Concentrate on the fact that you are willing to learn. Absolute miracles will happen.”

“When we expand our thinking and beliefs, our love flows freely. When we contract, we shut ourselves off.”

“Every day declare for yourself what you want in life. Declare it as though you have it!”

“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.”

“Can you remember the last time you were in love? Your heart went ahhh. It was such a wonderful feeling. It’s the same thing with loving yourself except that you will never leave. Once you have your love for yourself, it’s with you for the rest of your life, so you want to make it the best relationship you can have.”


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