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  • The Art of Delegation

    The Art of Delegation: Read This Because It Will Make You a Better Boss. The art of delegation is getting someone else to do what you ask of them. When you hear a boss saying things like “I can never get my people to do what they are told” or “I can’t trust anyone, so […]

  • Gain a Slim Body Rather than Lose Weight

        How to Gain a Slim Body In making life’s decisions, it is often our self speech that determines out actions, and our habits.  So many times I hear people saying things like “I want to lose weight”  – and they never do. Is it possible to change that little phrase in a way that […]

  • The Power of Positive Affirmations

    The Power of Positive Affirmations  What you say to yourself on a continual basis ultimately affects your behavior and actions.  The power of positive affirmations is well proven through studies and stories.  The subconscious has a direct link to the conscious, so what you feed your subconscious mind will ultimately feed your conscious thoughts and […]

  • How a Little Dog Inspired Her Owner

    How a Little Dog Inspired Her Owner Or, What is Your Rabbit? Here is a little story about how a little dog inspired her owner. Rosie is a little Jack Russell Terrier. At an early age Rosie lived on a farm where she loved rounding up, and then scattering the goats and the cattle. Full […]

  • How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business.

    How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business. It still amazes me how some business owners still reject the idea of using social media for business.  The most common sayings I hear is “Why should I waste my time on Facebook” or “Facebook is for kids”, or “social media is a waste of time”.  […]

  • Who Is Your Business Leader Role Model?

    Who Is Your Business Leader Role Model? Do role models have a place in modern society?  Rock stars, top athletes and sports people, movie stars, fashion icons and many other famous people would argue that being a role model is a very good thing to be.  The same is true in the business world.  If […]

  • Inspiration or Motivation

    Inspiration or Motivation  Motivation Motivation could primarily be described as an external influence on one’s attitude or mood.  A person can get motivated by rewards for effort, the desire to acquire something, even experiences, and that reward ‘drives’ them to perform the actions required to achieve the desired result. Athletes for example may be motivated […]