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  • How To Be Positive in Business

    How To be Positive In Business It may seem difficult in tough times, with the pressure on smaller businesses to compete with online companies, lower production costs from other countries and a constantly changing market.  So, how to be positive in business? In a competitve world, running a business is far more demanding than it […]

  • Motivate Yourself To Motivate Yourself

    How to Motivate Yourself to Do The Things You Want To Do Motivation is the driving force that compels an action to achieve a desired goal. It is a psychological function that elicits behavior in all aspects of one’s life.  A compelling desire to achieve success in business, social life, or personal endeavours, comes about […]

  • Why Your Vision For Your Business Is Important

     Why Your Vision For Your Business Is Important Have you worked for, or visited a company where the  “vision” of the company is portrayed in a fancy frame on the wall of the reception area.  Or maybe in the executive offices.  When visiting so many businesses,   Iwould see these “visions” on the wall, and I […]