• staff motivated

To keep your staff motivated over a long period of time can be challenging.

To have high energy motivational ‘pump-up’ sessions can can take a lot of effort for short term results. Most business owner are so wrapped in “running the business” that they don’t have time to think about motivating their staff.  Besides that’s why they’re employed – isn’t it? To do what is right for the company so they can get paid.  Not really a motivational set up is it?

Various studies have shown that getting paid is at about 5 or 6 on a motivational measure of 1 to 10.  Sure your employees need a job, but it is not ultimately the greatest motivator for them to make your business successful.  In fact the top motivator generally is one of self actualisation, the feeling or sense of making a significant contribution to the success of the company.  Recognition of a job well done, carried in a sincere and timely manner, can do more for team motivation than receiving a bonus payment.

So here are the top seven ways to motivate your team consistently and effectively.

keep staff motivated1. Set and Share the Vision. 

Share in the grand vision of the company.  What is the company aiming for eg. industry recognition awards, the greater good, the reason why the company exists beyond making the owner rich.  (Warning: to imply that the company’s vision is to make the owner as rich as possible would be a total turn-off)

2. Keep the Team Involved.

Share with the team the successes and goals the company has achieved.  Let them know it’s what they have achieved – feed the need for them making a significant contribution.

3. Keep Setting Common Goals. 

Keep setting measurable, common  goals that the company as a whole is aiming for. Turn the goals into a game to achieve short term, medium term and long targets.  People need to know what they are working towards, not just a regular paycheck. Reward them as a team when goals are achieved. It may be after work snacks and drinks, a barbeque or other function that the whole team can share in. It does not have to involve spending a lot of  money.

4. Team Involvement and Contribution. 

Encourage idea sharing, brain storming and creative thinking to come up with ways of improving systems and procedures. People are more likely to follow the introduction of a change, or new system, if they are involved in the creation and design of the process.

5. Encourage Communication.

Communication between all departments is essential for good teamwork. There are many small companies that have separation and poor communication between administration , technical and sales departments.  Encouraging communication beween the varous departments, will reduce infighting and conflict, and get everyone working towards the common goal.

6. Ownership and Responsibility. 

Let your staff take risks and make decisions that will make improvements to the business.  Make it clear that it is okay to make decisions to improve operations in the business, and not for personal gain.  Treat them like adults and they are more likely to behave as reliable, responsible adults.

7. Build Trust Amongst the Whole Team. 

Often seen as a real challenge in some companies, trust is in fact an integral part of our society.  Just think of all the millions of cars driven around the world every day, in opposite directions at great speed, and the only thing that separates them is a thin painted line down the middle of the road. If there was no trust that the other drivers have gone through a process of ensuring they know the rules of the road, it is unlikely that anyone would want to  drive.

There are many ways to keep your staff motivated, but it does take thought and consistency.  Take time to prepare your list of things you can do to encourage an atomosphere of responsibility, trust and achievement in your business.