Who Is Your Business Leader Role Model?

Do role models have a place in modern society?  Rock stars, top athletes and sports people, movie stars, fashion icons and many other famous people would argue that being a role model is a very good thing to be.  The same is true in the business world.  If you own or manage a business, who is your business leader role model?

Role models can be found in almost every teenager’s bedroom.  The poster hanging up on the wall of a rock star, or group, in fact business leader role modelanyone that you aspire to be is a role model.  And role models are important.  They are a sign that success in their chosen profession can be achieved, and inspires them to move towards the same dream.

A role model guides the way for you to self-actualisation, where you can imagine performing to the same heady heights.  The frustrated guitar player, playing his air guitar, has a vision of being on the stage playing in front of thousands of adoring fans.  In that short snippet of time, he is that famous guitarist. And that make him feel good.

Role models however can be damaging or have a negative influence.  Hanging out with people who have a negative view on life and society, is likely to influence you to take on the same negative points of view. Ever heard that saying: “birds of a feather flock together?”  So it makes sense that if you want to be successful in business, follow successful people.  Find your role models, and follow them.  Read their books, listen to their audios, in effect hang out with them.  Their success is likely to influence you to achieve the success you want.

Most role models would say that they had a role model as they grew up.  Many say that their parents were their role models, which inspired them to become successful.  But not all parents are great role models and many would have no business acumen or experience.  Unfortunately a cynical media often play down the importance of role models, and many appear to actively “shoot down” role models for an indiscretion.  Now I’m not suggesting for one moment that famous, influential people should not be scrutinised, and they need to be true to their public image.  But we do need heroes.  Heroes inspire us to greatness and to achieve better things.

Choose a Role Model

Choose your role models wisely. If your intention is to be successful in business, choosing a rock guitarist who has the greatest riffs is not likely to make you a more successful business owner. You can look for people in your industry who have achieved great things or you can choose people like Richard Branson, successful with his Virgin brand across many industries.  Steve Jobs has inspired masses of people through technology and some of his philosophies.  Libraries are full of biographies and auto-biographies of successful people, who unveil their “secrets” to success.  But your role model need not be famous, or even rich.  The guy around the corner who has a good business with strong cash flow and loyal customers could be an excellent role model.  In some case even better than high flyers, depending on your ambitions and situation.  Most people are happy to talk about their success, so having a cup of coffee with the local successful business person could be hugely beneficial.  Build a list of those you want to follow. Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to follow them and absorb as much of their positive influence that you can.  Aspire to be  a great role model yourself, and attract the people who will lift you up to achieve greater things.

Don’t limit your role models to just one or two.  If you follow many people with a similar successful mindset, it won’t be long before you too will become one of those successful people. Start your search now for your business leader role model.

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