How to Manage Your Team So They Don’t Manage You

So many times I have seen new managers appointed to a roll because of their technical ability, or their great product knowledge.  Then they are thrown into the deep end, to manage other people, to get them to perform to the level needed.  It doesn’t take long before the new manager is running ragged trying to handle all the demands put on him or her.  The pressure builds up and the blame game starts and micro managing becomes the order of the day and next thing you know, your staff cannot do a thing without your approval.
How To Manage Your Team So They Don't Manage You
So in effect you have trained them to call you for any little decision, your time off still means you get phone calls, and the burden increases.  You then start complaining to anyone who will listen (usually those closest to you), that the ‘company employs idiots and you are expected to manage them. After a while you realise that being a manager is not all its cracked up to be and you start looking around for a better job.  The trouble is, it may not be the job but your behaviour.

Newly appointed managers, supervisors or team leaders are seldom given any training in management.  And management means managing other people to achieve the company’s goals or targets.

7  Tips on How To Manage Your Team So They Don’t Manage You

So here are some tips on becoming a better manager and get your people to take more responsibility.

  1. Train them to take responsibility. When they ask you for a decision to be made, try asking them for their opinion first.  If their idea for a solution ties in with your thinking let them make the decision. They will soon gain confidence and ultimately the small daily decisions will be handled by competent team members.
  2. You cannot demand respect. They may respect your title, but not necessarily you.  To gain their respect you must show them respect.  Don’t talk down to them, but talk to them as intelligent adults and ask their advice. Consider working with them rather than getting them to work for you.
  3. Study good management. There are so many books and self-help programs that will guide you to becoming a better manager.  To become a better manager you need to become a better leader. People follow leaders, not managers.
  4. You have to change. You cannot do what you were you doing before and take on extra responsibility without changing.  Learning and growing as a leader will bring so many other advantages to your life, both personally and professionally.
  5. Management means that your time is better spent ‘managing’ the resources, such as your people, to increase productivity and results. Delegate the work to your people and then support and encourage them to grow within the organisation.
  6. Telling people what to do and ordering them around just does not work.  Yes, there are times when your instructions need to be clear and direct, but for the most part discussing issues with your people and guiding them down the desired course will have a better result.
  7. You will constantly be faced with new challenges.  How you cope with those challenges will determine your level of success. Allocate time every day to learn new techniques and ideas in leadership. You can be a great leader, but it will take constant learning and study.  Consider listening to leadership audios when driving to and from work every day.  This will set you up for a great day and prepare you for the next.

Leadership and management is an ongoing process.  Attending seminars, listening or watching great leaders will improve your leadership skills. Technical skills and product knowledge are important in any business. And just as you need to keep up to date with changes in your industry, learning new techniques in getting your team to become the cohesive force you desire, will take some focus.  Thre are many books and programs that will show you how to manage your team, so they don’t manage you.

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