Surrounding yourself with positive people is good for business.

Have you ever walked into a meeting, perhaps a seminar or even an ordinary daily function and noticed the “vibe” in the roopositive peoplem. Where people are animated and talking excitedly and smiling and greeting each other, and there appears to be a lot of energy in the room.  Or perhaps where people are sitting around listlessly, looking bored or waiting for something to happen.  Well that “vibe” is coming from the people themselves and their current mindset.  Of course the reason for the get- together could have something to do with it, so I’m not talking about funerals or other situations where everyone is naturally sad.  I am talking about everyday situations, at work for example where the mood of the people can affect you and how your day pans out.

We are influenced greatly by our surroundings and the subliminal messages we receive.  Listening all day to bad news on the media is bound to have a negative effect on our outlook, even if only in the short term. We perceive that things are bad in the world and that there is no positive future.  Now I know that there are terrible things happening in the world today – there always has been – somewhere.  But there are also a lot of very good things happening in the world.  Unfortunately the media knows that bad news attracts more attention, so most of the news covers all the negative things that are happening in the world. Now a lot of people would argue that what is happening in the world is reality and to ignore what is happening in the world is unrealistic. And I would agree. But I’m not suggesting you ignore what is happening in the world at large.  I’m talking about your mindset and what you want to achieve in the day, and in your life.

So when you are mixing with people who are uplifting and encouraging and supportive, are you more likely to feel more positive about your world?  Or if you are mixing with people who talk about death and destruction and wars, are you more likely to feel more negative about your world? So this is not about hiding away and pretending that the negative things are not actually happening.  It’s about you making a choice as to who you want to influence you in your life. Positive people put out positive energy, and you will absorb some of that energy.  Negative people put out negative energy and you will absorb some of that.  The more of what you absorb the more of what you will be.  It’s just like your diet. You cannot become healthy by eating unhealthy food.

 Choose Your Influences

positive people positive influenceBy surrounding yourself with positive people, does not mean you need to seek out positive people within your community and actually interact with them.  You can surround yourself with positive people through recordings, – CDs DVDs, MP3s and videos.  Books are still the greatest resource for building our minds, whether on paper or in electronic form. You can choose not to watch certain television programs or listen to certain radio channels. You can choose who your friends are.  Hang out with positive minded people, people who make you feel good about yourself.  If your “friends” don’t make you feel good about yourself, are they really friends? Take time to write out your positive affirmations –  the person you want to be.  Mix with the people you would like to be, listen and watch the people you would like to be. You have control over who influences you, so choose wisely.