Respect. How To Earn Respect

Do you sometimes wander why some people command respect by their mere presence while others try very hard to gain respect by demanding it? Well, you cannot demand respect, you have to earn it.respect

Despite what some people may think, respect is not governed by age, gender or experience. There are many cases where younger people are highly respected by their elders, even if the elder did have more experience. In the workplace so many managers, in particular new managers demand respect because they are now a “manager”.  But there is a huge difference between respecting a title or position and respecting an individual. The difference between having respect and being liked are two different things. Most people respect authority, but when that authority is seen as abusive and not worthy of respect the power of the authority is quickly diminished.

So why is it that some people earn respect from others?

Here are some key factors that will make a difference if you want to earn respect:

Self Respect 

If you don’t respect yourself, you cannot expect others to feel the same. Learning to respect yourself will make you more confident and this confidence will change your posture and make you more attractive to others.  Not in a sexual way, but in a way that makes others want to meet and talk to you. Develop your self confidence, read your positive affirmations and fill your mind with confident and positive thoughts.

Respect for Others 

It is unlikely that you will gain the respect of others if you are not considerate of others. The easiest way to gain respect is to be respectful to others. Thank them for their favours and actions that have helped you. Unfortunately many television shows portray people in power as having no regard for others. But there is a difference between having the respect of others and having them fear you.

Your Values

Your beliefs about yourself, others and the environment in which you exist will determine your values. Poor values and lack of integrity will unlikely gain the respect of others. Your conduct will display your values. Above all else, be honest in what you say and how you act. Be congruent with your values, that is, if you value attributes like honesty, then you must be honest yourself.

Be True to Yourself

The saying “Fake it ’till you make it” is appropriate in many aspects of life – to a point. If you act confident you will become confident.  If you act important you will feel important, but these are self development techniques to help you achieve what you want . Be careful that your faking does not affect others as you will quickly gain a reputation of being a fake and people do not respect fakes. It is very difficult to fake your way through life.

Stand Up for What You Believe In

Having an opinion and voicing it and standing up for you what you believe in will gain respect from others.  If you always agree with others you will be seen as a “yes” person and not gain their respect. However, be sure to voice your opinion or disagreement with others respectfully.

Set the Example

“Do unto others as you will have them do unto you” is a great saying and if you follow through with it by being courteous to others,  you will in turn gain respect. The Law of Reciprocity says the same thing. What you put out is what you will receive.

Don’t Ridicule Others

So many inexperienced people put others down in order to make themselves feel more important. Remember this philosophy: If you put people down you will stay at their level.  If you pull people up and help to make them feel good about themselves, they will push you up further than you ever could on your own. Don’t ridicule another person behind their back. You will lose the respect of the person you are talking to as well as the target of your ridicule.

Be a Role Model

Behave, communicate and act in a way that will engender respect. Study leaders and follow and learn from your own role models.  Read, listen to, and study works from famous people you respect. As you emulate them you will soon find that you too will gain the respect of your own followers.

Inspire Others

Make people you come into contact with feel important by paying attention to what they say, and always use words of encouragement. Making people feel good about themselves is a sure-fire way to gain respect.

Actively work at gaining respect and it will ultimately give you more authority and prestige than relying on a title. A manager who is a leader of people through inspiration and mutual respect will take you further in your career or business than just being a boss.